Lostwithiel Town Council Neighbourhood Plan

Lostwithiel Neighbourhood Plan News

Lostwithiel Neighbourhood Plan News.

The Lostwithiel Draft Plan proposal was approved by the Neighbourhood Plan Steering Group on Tuesday 26th June 2018 and then approved by Lostwithiel Town Council on Tuesday 3rd July 2018.


This draft and the Annex of Evidence can be viewed here.


Future progression

On receipt Cornwall Council will check the Draft Plan for legal compliance.  A Legal Compliance Report and a Comprehensive Impact Assessment are then produced and need to be ‘signed off’ by internal teams at Cornwall Council.  This part of the process typically takes 6 weeks.  Following this

Cornwall Council will engage in a 6-week public consultation.  Details on how to respond to this consultation will be published by Cornwall Council and on this website.


During the 6-week consultation period an Independent Examiner will be appointed.  When the consultation has closed the Draft Plan will be sent off for examination.  The Independent Examination period is usually 4 – 6 weeks.


After scrutiny the Examiner’s Report will be sent to the Council stating any recommended amendments, the appropriate amendments will be made and the Examiners Report finalised.  Cornwall Council will then organise a yes/no referendum of residents in the Lostwithiel Parish.


If the Neighbourhood Plan receives support at referendum it will become a statutory planning document for Lostwithiel.


The Steering Group hopes you will support the Lostwithiel Neighbourhood Plan at referendum.

Current Surveys

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