Lostwithiel Town Council Neighbourhood Plan

Neighbourhood Plan Steering Group

The names of the Lostwithiel Neighbourhood Plan Steering Group members are listed below. If you have any queries regarding the work of the Neighbourhood Plan Steering Group or the progress of Lostwithiel's Neighbourhood Plan please speak to any of the members listed below or phone the Town Council office on 01208 872323.

Chairman - Councillor David Guiterman (Lostwithiel Town Council)

Councillor Christine Anders (Lostwithiel Town Council)

Councillor Ann Duffin (Lostwithiel Town Council)

Councillor Victoria Hatton (Lostwithiel Town Council)

Deputy Mayor Tim Hughes (Lostwithiel Town Council)

Chris Jones

Cornwall Councillor Colin Martin (Cornwall Council)

Councillor Colin Risner (Lostwithiel Town Council)

Dave Robson

Professor John Scott

Dick Trant

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