Lostwithiel Town Council Neighbourhood Plan

Transport in Lostwithiel

The Neighbourhood Plan Group are starting to look at transport in Lostwithiel.
The first stage involves two things  - 'Information' and 'Ideas'.

We have some information already, for example we know from the Office of National Statistics that the 2011 Census shows 212 households (approx. 17%) in the town have no access to a car or van. 

Next we need your ideas

We want to develop a strong plan for the future transport needs of local people. We don’t have all the answers, so we want to know what you would like to see, or perhaps “not see”, in the proposals that we include in the Neighbourhood Plan. 

This is your chance

We want ideas  on Roads,  Footpaths,  Cycleways,  Buses,  Trains,  Car Parking  and any other transport related issue.

Write to us at “Freepost LOSTPLAN”, deliver by hand to the “RED” boxes or email clerk@lostwithieltowncouncil.gov.uk

Photo by kind permission of Mayor Ian Gillett

Photo by kind permission of Mayor Ian Gillett

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